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State Overview and Advice

In order to register a vehicle in Virginia, you need a Virginia address, and proof that you reside there.

If you do not want to obtain residency in the United  States, we recommend starting your visit in another state, or using' services to register a vehicle that you buy in Virginia.

The Registration Process

Virginia vehicle registrations are handled by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

If you purchase your vehicle from a dealership, the dealer will issue you Virginia temporary tags, valid for 30 days, whether you plan to register your vehicle in Virginia or elsewhere.

If you buy your vehicle from a private party and plan to register it in Virginia, bring the required items (below) to a DMV service center. Virginia Trip Permits, valid for three days, and only within Virginia, are available at DMV service centers.

For vehicles being registered in Virginia, Virginia sales taxes are payable to the dealer upon sale, or the DMV upon registration (if purchased from a private party).

Taxes and Fees

Sales Tax

State sales tax


Average local sales tax


Average combined sales tax


Registration fees

Light Vehicle

Fees: $45.75


Fees: $33 - $55


Fees: $39.75

$15,000 car


$50,000 RV


$5,000 motorcycle


Total taxes and fees

Registration Requirements

Prior owner's title

The vehicle's title must be signed by the owner(s) printed on the title, its odometer reading recorded (if less than 10 years in age), and be free of all liens in order for the prior owner's interest to be released.


A current, government-issued photo ID is required to register a vehicle in Virginia.

Bill of sale

A bill of sale is not required to register a vehicle in Virginia, although signing one with the vehicle's seller is recommended.


VSA-17A - Application for Certificate of Title and Registration


Emissions (smog)

Annual emissions inspections are required for vehicles 25 years old or newer registered in the following counties: Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Stafford.


An annual safety inspection is required in Virginia.


VIN inspections are not required in Virginia.


Virginia's minimum liability insurance limits are 25/50/20.


People wishing to register a vehicle in Virginia must provide proof that they reside at the registration address.

Local Address

Vehicles registered in Virginia must be registered to a Virginia address.

The Alternative

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Vehicle Purchase

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Vehicle Registration

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