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We’ve done this hundreds of times. Read about the easy, fast, and low-cost process of owning a vehicle in America. No US passport or US driver’s license needed. Reach out if you have questions.


There are 3 simple steps to owning a vehicle in America


You buy the vehicle

This can be any vehicle for sale with US ownership documentation, offered by a dealer or an individual. You pay 0% sales tax.


We register the vehicle

We email you temporary, printable license plates within one business day so you can immediately start driving legally in the US. They’re good for 40 days.


We send you plates & documents

Well before the temp tags expire, we send you title, registration, and Montana license places, via Fedex, to any address you provide.

Here’s the Detailed Process is the unrivaled expert in international vehicle registration.

Hire to handle the registration process and pay one flat fee

Receive access to the Dashboard, where you’ll track every step.

How do I get started with

Signing up for is easy.

First, we collect payment via Stripe, our secure third party payment processor.  Stripe keeps your payment details confidential - can only see the last 4 digits of the card that you use.

Next, we use Stripe again to verify your identity with a selfie and a picture of a government-issued ID card. does not store any of your data.

Finally, you request your Montana LLC by providing the desired name and the name(s) and address(es) of its owner(s).

How do I know I can trust has helped hundreds of international visitors register vehicles in the US since it launched in 2017.

You can read about their experiences on our reviews page, or on our Trustpilot and Google reviews pages. is run by a real person - me, Matt Copenhaver.  I hope you’ll check out my LinkedIn profile to learn about the professional experiences of the guy who’s going to help you visit the US.

Using will let you forget about administrative bureaucracy and let you focus on planning the adventure of a lifetime.
Step 2

We register a Montana LLC in your name

You have 100% ownership and 100% control of your Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC). This LLC establishes your Montana presence, and its only purpose is to own the vehicle you’re purchasing.

Setting up your Montana LLC takes about 1 business day.

What is an LLC?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the simplest form of company in the United States.  

While most businesses are companies (or corporations), not all companies are businesses.  

LLC’s are commonly used for non-business purposes, such as holding an asset, such a piece of real estate - or a vehicle.

What are the reporting requirements for a Montana LLC?

The reporting requirements for a Montana LLC are quite straight-forward.

Unlike corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) do not need to elect a board of directors, adopt bylaws, hold annual meetings, or create formal financial statements.

A Montana LLC must file an annual report by April 15th in each year following the year of its formation, until it is terminated.  This annual report, filed on behalf of your LLC by, simply confirms that the LLC’s ownership and address is current.

At the federal (or national) level, all companies owned 25% or more by non-US persons must report the purchase or sale of assets (such as a vehicle) by April 15th of the year following the transaction. coordinates these reports with each customer.

What are the tax implications of owning a Montana LLC?

Generally, taxes can be due when you buy (sales tax), own (property tax or franchise tax), or earn (income tax).

Montana is one of a handful of US states that doesn’t levy a sales tax.  Because you pay sales tax on a vehicle where you register it, not where you buy it, registering your vehicle in Montana can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in sales tax.

Montana doesn’t levy a property tax on vehicles, and it doesn’t levy a franchise tax (a a type of tax imposed by some states for owning a corporation or LLC within that state) at all.

Income tax would be due to Montana and the US government if your LLC were to earn income.  However, if your LLC just exists to own a vehicle (that will be worth a bit less when you sell it), it’s unlikely that your LLC will generate any income to be taxed.

No matter what type of vehicle you want to purchase, can make your dream of owning a car, van, truck, trailer, RV, or motorcycle in the US a reality.

Purchase your vehicle

Purchase any US-owned vehicle.  Car, truck, motorcycle, motorhome - buy whatever you want!

You’re welcome to purchase directly from a dealer or a private individual, and pay the seller directly.

Montana has 0% sales tax. Since sales tax is assessed by the location of the buyer (i.e. your LLC), not the location of the vehicle, you will owe no sales tax in most cases. For many transactions, the sales tax savings far exceeds our service fee.

Do I have to purchase my vehicle in Montana?

No - purchase your vehicle wherever you want!

As long as the vehicle has ownership documents issued by a US state, we can register it in Montana, no matter what state (or country!) you buy the vehicle in.

How do I pay for a vehicle in the US?

We recommend setting up a US bank account with Wise and funding it with money from your home bank account.

This will allow you to pay for your vehicle with a domestic bank transfer, which happens much more quickly in the US than an international bank transfer.

We wrote this in-depth resource to explain the vehicle purchase and payment process in the US in more detail.

Do I need to set up a bank account for my LLC?


Because it’s quite common in the US for someone to buy a vehicle for someone else (i.e., a mom for her son, a guy for his girlfriend, etc.), auto dealers do not need to match the name on the payor’s bank account to the name of the new registered owner.

Properly insuring your vehicle in the United States will give you the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your travels.

Insure your vehicle

Insurance can be easy if you're familiar with the process.

We’ve built this resource specifically for US auto insurance for international visitors.

What auto insurers accept drivers without a US driver’s license?

The top national US auto insurers that don’t require a US driver's license are Progressive, National General, and State Farm.

What address should I use for my insurance policy?

Every insurance application requests your vehicle’s “garaging address,” which is where it will normally be kept overnight.

(I know, you’re traveling, and won’t be normally keeping your vehicle anywhere overnight.  The “garaging address” is just part of the insurance system that we have in the US.)

It’s perfectly acceptable to go on road trips - your insurance will cover you nationwide (and into Canada) - but it’s best practice to list an address where your vehicle will actually spend a night or two.  This minimizes the risk of your insurance company denying a claim due to misrepresentation.

How should I document my LLC’s ownership of my vehicle?

Since you probably won’t be driving Uber or making deliveries, a personal insurance policy (not a commercial insurance policy) is usually appropriate.

Document your Montana LLC’s ownership of your vehicle by adding it as an “additional insured interest” on your auto insurance policy.

An additional insured interest is used to document a party with an ownership interest in the vehicle, other than the driver, such as a bank, a financing company, or an LLC.  

Because this is such a common arrangement, all insurance companies make it easy to add an additional insured interest in the application process.  Simply answer “Yes” when asked if the vehicle is financed, and provide your LLC’s name and address.  That’s it!' easy to use application allows you to view and manage all items related to your registration - title, license plates, registration document, even shipments - from one simple dashboard, any time of day or night.

Submit your vehicle's details on the Dashboard

Let us know the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), year, make, model, color, and mileage of the vehicle so that we can prepare your vehicle’s registration application.

Provide the address from which the vehicle’s prior title will be sent, and we’ll generate and email you a pre-paid FedEx or DHL shipping label.  Use this shipping label, or forward it on to the seller, to send the vehicle’s prior title to for registration. partners with Fedex and DHL to provide world class logistical support.

Request your temp tags

We’ll generate and email you a 40-day Montana temporary registration permit (also known as a “temp tag”) within one business day of your request.

Simply print out your temp tag and attach the indicated portion to the rear of your vehicle, and hit the road while your annual registration is in process.

What is a temp tag?

Temporary vehicle registration, or "temp tags" allows people to legally drive a vehicle that has not yet been registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Temp tags are often used by people who have recently purchased a vehicle, but have not yet had the opportunity to complete the registration process. They are also useful for out-of-state residents who need to drive in a different state for a short period of time. Additionally, some states require vehicles to have temp tags displayed when they are being transported from the dealership to the owner's home.

Temp tags issued by a Montana dealer, such as, are valid for 40 days.

Where is my temp tag valid?

Temp tags are recognized in all US states and the District of Columbia, and throughout Canada.

They are also accepted in parts of Mexico that don’t require a Temporary Import Permit (e.g., the Baja, Sonora, and Quintana Roo Free Zones).

Does need the vehicle's paperwork to issue a temp tag?


In order to issue your 40-day Montana temp tag, your LLC must be formed, and we need your vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number), year, make, model, color, and mileage.

We can issue your temp tag while your vehicle’s prior title is in transit to for registration.

Your vehicle's title is its key ownership document.  Don't buy a vehicle in the United States without this one piece of paper.

Sign your vehicle’s title and send to

Your Montana LLC will be the vehicle’s registered owner, so it should be listed as the buyer on the vehicle’s prior title.

Sign the buyer's section of the prior title as follows:

   Example LLC by John Doe, president

The vehicle’s prior title must be properly signed by the previous owner(s).

Once the prior title has been signed by both buyer and seller, use the pre-paid FedEx or DHL shipping label to send it to for registration.

What is a vehicle title?

Vehicle titles are documents that prove ownership of a vehicle. They are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the US state where the vehicle is registered.

When a vehicle is bought or sold, the title must be transferred to the new owner. This process usually involves signing the title and submitting it to the DMV. The new owner will then receive a new title in their name.

In the US, a vehicle’s title is (almost always) a separate document from a vehicle’s registration.  A vehicle’s registration document provides proof that a vehicle has been registered with the appropriate government authority.

While a vehicle’s title does not need to be renewed, the registration is typically renewed periodically, and it serves as evidence that the vehicle meets the necessary requirements to be driven on public roads.

Is an image/scan/photo of the title acceptable?

No.  Only authentic title documents are accepted as proof of ownership transfer.

What if my vehicle's ownership documents are from a state that doesn't issue titles for older vehicles (like Vermont)?

A handful of US states don't issue titles for vehicles over a certain age.

In these cases, the vehicle’s registration documents, properly signed by the registered owner, are acceptable in place of the vehicle’s title.

Images/scans/photos are not acceptable, authentic, ink-signed registration documents are required.

A concierge personally reviews your vehicles documentation to ensure it is complete and correct.
STEP 8 receives and reviews your vehicle’s prior title

Occasionally, signatures are forgotten or other mistakes are made on vehicle titles. will contact you if any issues are discovered during our document review.

Registering your vehicle in Montana will make all of your frustration seem like a distant memory.

We register your vehicle in Montana tax-free

Upon registration, we’ll receive your Montana license plates, registration document, and title.  

We generally complete registration within a week of receiving properly signed title documents.

You’ll receive a notification when these items are available.

Receive your documents at a location that's convenient to your journey.  Our custom solution is tailored to travelers like you.
Step 10

Receive your plates & documents

When your items are available, request shipment to a destination that’s convenient to you.

This can be a friend’s house, a dealership, or even a FedEx Office location to be held for pickup for up to 5 business days.

When you receive your shipment, attach your plates to your vehicle, put your registration somewhere accessible and your title somewhere safe, and continue your visit!

Let's get you on the road

We make US vehicle ownership easy so you can enjoy your visit.

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Answers to common questions about

What is is an auto dealer and vehicle registration services provider focused exclusively on international visitors to the United States.

We help international vehicles to the United States own vehicles as an alternative to renting.

What issues do international visitors face when trying to buy a vehicle in the US?

Buying a vehicle is easy - owning it in your name is the hard part.

Owning a vehicle in the US isn't managed by our national government - it's managed by the US states.

So there's not just one formula for owning a vehicle in the US, there are many - one for each US state.

And some US states are harder than others.

Take Illinois.  If you flew into Chicago and wanted to own a vehicle there, you'd have to get an Illinois driver's license.  Or Tennessee - if you flew into Nashville, you'd have to provide a utility bill or a bank statement proving that you live in Tennessee in order to own a vehicle there.

All in all, 21 US states require a US driver's license or social security number to own a vehicle, and 14 US states require proof of residency (in that state) to own a vehicle.

Each US state has its own vehicle inspection requirements, its own taxes, and its own fees.

Is there a "best" US state in which to own a vehicle as an international visitor?

Montana is the best state for non-US residents to own a vehicle.  Why?

- Montana doesn't require a US driver's license or social security number to own a vehicle,

- Montana doesn't have any vehicle inspection requirements, so you can buy your vehicle anywhere in the US, and it never has to come to Montana to be registered here, and

- Sales tax on vehicles in Montana is 0%.  And since sales tax is due where a vehicle is registered, not where it's purchased, owning a vehicle in Montana can be hundreds (or thousands) of dollars cheaper than owning a vehicle in another US state.

How does help international visitors own vehicles in the best US state?

Montana requires a presence in Montana to register a vehicle.

Proof of residence (such as a utility bill or bank statement) is required for individuals.

But like every other US state, considers legal entities (such companies) formed within the state as residents.  

So forms the simplest type of company, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), for each customer.

Your Montana LLC acts as your presence in Montana, and can therefore own a vehicle here.

Your Limited Liability Company is owned 100% by you; just acts as your company's administrator (its Registered Agent).

How does register my vehicle to my company?

Once we have your Montana Limited Liability Company set up, the process is pretty simple:

- You purchase the best vehicle for your roadtrip,

- You or the seller sends the vehicle's prior title (its official ownership document) with a Fedex shipping label that generates and emails to you,

- One of the team walks into the Montana DMV and registers your vehicle to your Montana LLC, and walks out with Montana license plates, registration document, and title for the vehicle.

How long until I can drive my vehicle?

When you use, 40-day Montana temp tags are available upon request.

Temp tags are paper license plates that give a vehicle buyer a grace period between vehicle purchase and vehicle registration.

Montana's temp tags are PDF files. We email them to you, and you print them out, fix them to the rear of your vehicle, and hit the road.

How and when do I receive my license plates, registration, and title? will register your vehicle within 7-10 days of receiving your vehicle's title (properly signed by the previous owner) and we receive your Montana license plates, registration document, and title upon registration.

We will courier (via Fedex) your items to a location convenient to you. That could be to the vehicle's seller or to a friend or family member's house. Or, if you're on the road, we can send your items to a Fedex Office location convenient to your travels, to be held for pickup for up to five business days

What happens at the end of my visit?

Your vehicle is yours to dispose of how you wish - you can sell it, put it into storage for your next visit, or export it for use somewhere else in the world.

If you sell or export your vehicle, and wish to close your Limited Liability Company, simply notify, and we'll send an LLC Termination Request for your electronic signature. will terminate your LLC upon your written, signed request at no additional cost, and provide evidence of its completion (Articles of Termination and Certification Letter, provided by the Montana Secretary of State) for your records.

Can I take my vehicle into Canada? Mexico? Central and South America?


Vehicles with a current, valid US registration can travel freely in any country with relations with the United States.

Vehicles crossing into Mexico and other countries in Central and South America require a permission letter if the vehicle is driven by a person other than the registered owner. Template permission letters are available to customers upon request.

Still have a question?

Get answers to common questions not listed here.

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We make US vehicle ownership easy so you can enjoy your visit.