How works can register and insure any vehicle in America in just a few days.

International visitors buy a vehicle in America using a company that they own.

We know what you want

(Because we've been there, too)

Buy a vehicle

If you're visiting the US for six weeks or longer, renting a vehicle gets way too expensive. Besides, the choice of vehicles is limited.

You want to buy your own vehicle.

Register your vehicle

Vehicles using public roads must be registered. A vehicle without a registration will be pulled over immediately.

You want to register your vehicle.

Insure your vehicle

Liability insurance is legally required throughout the US, and America is the most lawsuit-happy country in the history of earth.

You want to insure your vehicle.

But here's the problem

Vehicle registration and insurance are handled at the State level in the US.
Each State has its own requirements for registering a vehicle.

Number of US States (plus D.C.) requiring an...

In-state address
In-state driver's license
Proof of residency
In-state address required
In-state driver's license required
Proof of residency required
Proof of lawful presence required

If you don't have a residence in the US, has your solution

Form a company

In the United States, companies are considered people.

A US company is a resident of the state in which it was incorporated.

Buy a vehicle

Buy literally any vehicle for sale in America.

New or used. Car, van, motorcycle, RV... whatever your heart desires.

Register your vehicle to your company

Your company's residence allows it to register a vehicle, even if you aren't a US resident yourself.

Own a company that's a US resident, even if you're not.

Company ownership is easy and hassle-free.

Here's how works:

Company Formation forms a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for you in Montana. This LLC is a resident of Montana, and can therefore register a vehicle here.
Montana is the best state for non-US residents to register vehicles, because:
1. Vehicles don't have to be physically present in Montana in order to be registered there, and
2. Vehicles are taxed where they're purchased, not where they're registered. Registering your vehicle in Montana gives you access to the state's 0% sales tax.

Vehicle Purchase

Purchase any vehicle for sale in America.
If you're not familiar with the vehicle purchase process in the US, get up to speed here.
Ask the seller to assign the vehicle's title to your LLC. With this information written on the title, your vehicle cannot be registered to anyone except your LLC.

Insurance provides a quote for insurance that covers you, your vehicle, and your Montana LLC.

Vehicle Registration will provide a shipping label to the seller to courier the vehicle's title to our headquarters in downtown Bozeman, Montana. will prepare a limited Power of Attorney (POA) that authorizes to register your vehicle to your LLC. Because the State of Montana requires POA's to be notarized, we will prepare a free notarization session with our partner, NotaryCam, who will witness your signature via a quick and easy webcam session.
With your vehicle's title and your POA in hand, we'll head to the Montana DMV and register your vehicle.
Upon registration, receives your license plates and registration document. We courier them to your desired FedEx location to be held for pickup.
Four to six weeks after registration, the Montana Motor Vehicle Division will issue a Montana title, listing your LLC as the owner of the vehicle.
As with your plates and registration, we courier your title to your desired FedEx location to be held for pickup (ID required).

Annual Actions

If you wish to keep your vehicle for longer than one year, will take the following actions:
1. File your LLC's annual report, and
2. Renew your vehicle's registration and courier your updated registration document and decal to a location convenient to you.

Frequently asked questions

Timeline questions

How long does it take to set up a Montana LLC?

Setting up a Montana LLC can be done in as little as 2-3 business days.

Driving in the US questions

Can I drive in the US on my foreign driver's license?

International visitors holding an un-expired driver's license printed in English (or printed with English translations) may drive anywhere in the United States.

As a practical matter, law enforcement needs to understand your name, your date of birth, and the status of your driver's license in the event of a traffic stop or other incident. Therefore, if your driver's license is not printed in English (or was not printed with English translations), it is strongly suggested that you obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) before driving in the United States.

IDP's supplement, but do not replace, original driver's licenses. The United States treats them as a translation of your driver's license.

Visa and Tax Questions

Will owning a company in the US jeopardize my visa status?
Owning a legal entity in the United States (whether it's an LLC, B-Corp, C-Corp, S-Corp, or other entity) constitutes a company-shareholder relationship, not an employer-employee relationship. In this sense, owning all of the shares of a private company is no different from owning a single share of a public company (such as Apple, for example).
Visitor-type visas (B1, B2, etc.) prohibit employment in the United States.
Does owning a company in the US create any tax implications?
Income taxes are due to the extent that your company generates income.

Most of our customers buy a vehicle and sell it at a slight loss - i.e., they don't generate any income at all.

Furthermore, in 2020, the income threshold for filing a US federal tax return was $12,000. Those that earned less than that threshold during the calendar year were not required to file a return.
Owning a company in the US does not, by itself, create any income tax liability or require you to file a tax return.
Is this legal?
Yes! Owning a vehicle via a Montana Limited Liability Company is 100% legal for non-US residents.

Each US state requires its residents to register their vehicles in that state according a specific timeline (usually within 30 or 60 days of obtaining residency in that state).

Residents of California (for example), risk citation and fines if they own a vehicle via a Montana LLC.

Non-US residents, by definition, are not bound by any US state's vehicle registration requirements.

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