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We've helped visitors from all over the world buy vehicles in the US.

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International travelers taking a road trip around the United States of America in a car that they own.

Buy and sell

Buy a vehicle in the US, enjoy your visit, then sell your vehicle.

Ditch the rentals, save money, and access nearly limitless vehicle selection.

Best for visits lasting 1-12 months.

Buy and keep

Buy a vehicle in the US and keep it for as long as you want.

Best for multiple visits to the US.

Buy and export

Buy any vehicle for sale in the US and ship it home to you.

(Optionally, drive this vehicle in the US before shipping it.)

Best for adding a vehicle with a story to your collection.

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Available to search 24/7

80+ brands for sale

Acura, Ford, Toyota, Volvo - and everything in between

1 perfect vehicle

For your visit to the US


Engine, drivetrain, transmission, trim, and more


Detailed descriptions of each vehicle's equipment

Market Analysis

Each vehicle's price, and whether it's more or less expensive than similar vehicles

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International travelers taking a road trip around the United States of America in a car that they own.

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Services Provided

Personalized Brokerage

Find the perfect vehicle for your visit, and let take care of the rest.

Leave the negotiations and paperwork to us - buying and selling vehicles in the US is our business.

Learn more about brokerage here.

Tax Free

Pay 0% sales tax on your vehicle purchase when you use

Learn how to reduce your purchase cost by hundreds - or thousands - of dollars.

Peace of Mind

Pre-purchase inspections and vehicle history reports available for every vehicle for sale on

Learn how to avoid bad surprises when you buy a vehicle in the US.


We connect you with the coverage you need to keep you safe and let you enjoy your visit! Subject to underwriting approval.

Learn how to protect your assets, yourselves, and your loved ones in the US.


Drop your vehicle at one of 140+ locations located conveniently throughout the US, and we’ll take care of the rest! will sell your vehicle at auction and send you the proceeds in your home currency.

Learn how makes it easy for you to drop your vehicle off after your visit.

Payments accepts payments in EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, SGD, and USD (more currencies coming soon!)

Transact confidently and save money when you pay domestically.

Learn how makes it safe to pay for a vehicle in the US.

Vehicle Transport

Find your perfect vehicle in Albuquerque, but you’re flying into Atlanta?

Tap' network of licensed and insured auto transporters to safely and cost-effectively move your vehicle from point A to point B.

Learn how makes it easy to move vehicles around America.


Safely store your vehicle while you’re away from the US. will take care of insurance - not too much, and not too little - between your visits.

Learn the important points of safe vehicle storage in the US.

Export Facilitation

Want to ship your vehicle home? knows the ins and outs of exporting vehicles from the United States.  

Let us handle the export process for you.

Learn how can help you ship your dream vehicle home to you.

Financing (Coming Soon!)

Post your bitcoin as collateral to buy a vehicle, and release it when you sell the vehicle.

Keep your upside exposure and avoid capital gains tax.

Learn how can help you manage cash flows when you buy and sell a vehicle in the US.

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Buy a vehicle in the US, even if you're just visiting.

Let help you buy, register and insure a vehicle in the US - tax free!
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