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Montana LLC formation
40-day Montana temp tags so you can hit the road right away
Tax-free vehicle registration stands in line at the DMV so you don't have to
Document logistics (shipments of your vehicle's license plates, registration, and titles)
24/7 access to all your vehicle's documents on your Dashboard

Hundreds of travelers have used to buy vehicles in the US as an alternative to car hire.

"Hiring a car for our 48-state, 6-month roadtrip of the US would have been ridiculously expensive. But buying, registering, and insuring a vehicle in the US turned out to be massively complicated... until we found Their service is brilliant - they sorted the admin so we could focus on having fun."

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Vehicle ownership in the best US state:

You need a presence in a US state in order to own a vehicle in the US.

Use Montana, which doesn't require a US driver's license, doesn't require the vehicle to physically enter Montana, and has sales tax of 0%.

We stand in line
at the DMV 
so you don't have to

Don't waste your valuable holiday time figuring out which forms to fill and standing in line.

Let the experts at register your vehicle, so you can focus on enjoying your visit.

Hit the road right away, we'll get your documents to you on the road

Get 40-day Montana temp tags so you can hit the road while your registration is in process.

We'll Fedex your license plates and other documents to a location convenient to you, even if you're on the road.

Additional services

Value-added services to help you visit the United States

Brokerage - Purchase
. arranges purchase of your desired vehicle
Sign your purchase documents electronically
Pay directly in your desired currency
Brokerage - Sale
Drop your vehicle at a Manheim auction location convenient for you helps set your reserve (minimum sale) price manages the sale process and remits the proceeds, less $495 brokerage fee and auction fee ($400-$500)
Registration Services
Additional vehicle
$495 annual renewal
40-day Montana temp tags so you can hit the road right away
Tax-free vehicle registration
Document logistics (shipments of your vehicle's license plates, registration, and titles)
24/7 access to all your vehicle's documents on your Dashboard


Answers to common questions about

Have a question that's not listed here?

Can I bring my US-registered vehicle into Mexico? Central America? South America?


US-registered vehicles can cross into the Baja and Sonora Free Zones in Mexico, and remain indefinitely (as long as registration remains current).

If you want to bring a vehicle registered to an LLC into Mexico (beyond the Free Zones) or any country further south, you must provide a permission letter to the border authorities. This permission letter extends authority from you as the CEO of your LLC to you as an individual to cross the border with your vehicle.

For best results, we recommend visiting a notary public in the US, who will witness your signature and stamp your document (border guards love stamps).

A border crossing permission letter template is available from upon request.

Can I bring my US-registered vehicle into Canada?

Absolutely. Vehicles with valid and current US registrations (even temporary registrations) can pass freely into Canada.

What happens to my LLC after I sell my vehicle? will terminate your LLC upon your written, signed request at no additional cost.

When you sell your vehicle, simply notify, and we'll send an LLC Termination Request for your electronic signature.

What can I name my LLC?

You can name your Limited Liability Company almost anything you want, as long as the name is not taken in Montana.

Who will own my LLC? What role does play in my LLC?

You will be the sole owner of your Montana LLC. Your LLC can have one or multiple owners.

Every LLC needs a Registered Agent, a domestic person or company that can receive official correspondence for the company. will be your LLC's Registered Agent.

How will my vehicle be stored before my arrival?

Dealer vehicle inventories are near historical low levels - they don't have a lot of vehicles on their lots right now.

This means there's plenty of storage space.

Dealers are generally happy to keep a vehicle for you for a few weeks until you can come pick it up.

If I'm buying a vehicle with my Montana Limited Liability Company, does my LLC need a bank account?


It's quite common for a parent to buy a vehicle for a child, for example. In this case, the name of the vehicle's owner doesn't match the name of the person paying for the vehicle.

For reasons like this, dealers don't require that the name of the vehicle's new owner (your LLC) matches the name of the vehicle's payor (you).

Therefore, setting up a bank account for your LLC is not necessary to buy a vehicle in the LLC's name.

I found a vehicle that I want to buy, but the dealer won't respond. What do I do?

Most dealers are set up to sell vehicles to the local community. When someone from overseas inquires about a vehicle, dealers often don't know how to handle the sale.

If this happens to you, vehicle brokerage from can help.

We pick up the phone, give the seller our dealer's license number, and tell the salesperson that we're ready to make a deal. Dealers know exactly how to handle this type of sale. buys the vehicle from the dealer and sells it immediately to you - it's as easy as that.

What are the tax obligations for owning a company in the US?

Generally speaking, there are three types of tax in the United States: buy, own, and earn.

An example of a "buy-type" of tax is the sales tax that you pay on your vehicle. "Buy-type" taxes are managed by the US states (and counties and municipalities), and you pay sales tax on a vehicle in the state where you register it.

An example of an "own-type" of tax is property tax on a piece of real estate that you own. "Own-type" taxes are managed by the states, and several states charge an annual vehicle use tax, which is an "own-type" of tax - Montana does not charge a use tax (but does charge registration renewal fees).

An example of an "earn-type" of tax is income tax on salary, wages, or gains. "Earn-type" taxes are managed by the national government (the IRS) and by the States (and sometimes, counties and municipalities).

Your Montana LLC simply exists to own your vehicle. It won't engage in business, so it won't earn an income.

The only opportunity for your LLC to earn money, and therefore owe taxes, is by selling your vehicle for more than you paid for it.

If this happens to you, can connect you with tax professionals.

How much does insurance cost?

The cost of insurance depends on a number of factors - the coverages you choose, the value of your vehicle, your age, etc.

Generally speaking, auto insurance should cost you $100-200 / month.

For a more accurate estimate, visit or to generate quotes.

Can you register a vehicle that I buy in Canada?

In order to register a Canadian vehicle in the United States, it needs to be imported into the US, and then registered in a US state.

The process for importing a vehicle into the US from Canada must at a US Port of Entry.

You must demonstrate that 1) you own the vehicle, and 2) that the vehicle conforms to US emissions and safety standards by completing and submitting forms DOT Form HS-7 and EPA Form 3520-1. After paying applicable duties, you must complete and submit CBP Form 7501.

In order to register your vehicle in a US state, you must bring proof of ownership, your stamped CBP Form 7501, and your presence and identity documents required by the state in which you wish to register your vehicle to that state's DMV.

All US states require an inspection by an authorized official to ensure that the Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle's paperwork matches the Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle's chassis. This must be done by an official authorized by the state where you wish to register your vehicle - in other words, the vehicle has to come to the state in which you wish to register your vehicle.

I already have a company in the US. Can I use it to register a vehicle that I buy?

If you already own an LLC, C-corp, or S-corp in the US, you may be able to register a vehicle to it.

But vehicle ownership, like company ownership, is managed at the state level, not the national level - so if you want to register a vehicle to your company, you have to register it in the state where your company resides (e.g., Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada, etc.).

In order to register your vehicle to your company, you will also need to physically visit the DMV in the state in which your company resides, and if that state has inspection requirements, you will need to physically bring your vehicle to that state.

What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most basic legal entity in the United States. It can be used for non-commercial activities such as owning an asset (such as a vehicle or real estate), or organizing a social or sports club. It can also be used for commercial purposes, such as operating a business.

What is required to form an LLC?

A name and domestic address is required to form an LLC. In addition, all LLC owners' full names and addresses are required.

Finally, every LLC requires a Registered Agent, a domestic person or company who accepts official correspondence for the LLC. acts as the registered agent for all of its customers' LLC's.

Can other people drive my vehicle?

Every US auto insurance policy has a "permissive driving" clause, which automatically extends coverage to anyone that you permit to drive your vehicle.

If someone else will drive your vehicle more than occasionally, contact your insurance company and add that person as a "named insured."

If I keep my vehicle, should I cancel my insurance or keep it in place while I'm away?

If you cancel your insurance, your insurer may not issue a new policy.

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