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Create a presence in the best US state for vehicle ownership: Montana


If you want to own a vehicle in the United States, you have to own a vehicle in a US state.

This is because the States, not the national government handle vehicle ownership.

Every US state has its own rules, and in this section, we're going to explain how creates a presence for international visitors in the best state for vehicle ownership: Montana.

The US States (Not the National Government) Control Vehicle Ownership

The United States may seem like one country, but when it comes to vehicles, it's helpful to think about it as 51 countries (50 states + Washington, D.C.).

The US states control vehicle ownership - and in order to own a vehicle in a US state, you have to have a presence there. (We'll talk more about what presence means in a minute).

Vehicles owned in one state can travel freely to all other US states (and anywhere else in the world that recognizes US vehicle registrations).

You can tell in which state a vehicle is owned by looking at its license plates:

A Florida license plate
A New York license plate
A Texas license plate

Each state also issues its own ownership document - called a title.

A vehicle title issued by any US state is recognized by all US states.

Examples of vehicle titles issued by different states:

A Florida vehicle title
A New York vehicle title
A Texas vehicle title
An Illinois vehicle title
A Tennessee vehicle title
A Michigan vehicle title
A Pennsylvania vehicle title
A South Dakota vehicle title
A South Carolina vehicle title

Some US states make it hard for international visitors to own vehicles

Each US state has its own rules for vehicle ownership, and some states' rules make it hard or impossible for international visitors to own a vehicle.

Rules that make vehicle ownership hard for international visitors include:

  • Local driver's license requirement
  • Social security number requirement
  • Proof of residency

If you're just visiting the US for a few weeks or months, getting a local driver's license or a social security number is not practical. Neither is getting utility bills or a bank statement in your name.

You can find a full list of the US states and their vehicle ownership requirements at the end of this article.

Creating a presence in a US state

In order to a register a vehicle in any US state, you have to have a presence in that state.

Each state has its own definition of a presence - but each state requires an address in that state to register a vehicle.

You can find a full list of the US states and their presence definitions at the end of this article.

Most Americans' presence in a US state is their residence. But international visitors (usually) don't have a residence in any US state.

So how can international visitors create a presence in a US state to register a vehicle?

International visitors can create a presence in a US state by renting property in order to own a vehicle


International visitors can create a presence in a US state by forming a company to own a vehicle.

That's right - a company is a legal resident of the state in which it was formed, and its presence allows it to own a vehicle in the US.

The advantage of a company is that it can be created before you travel to the US.

So, if you want to own a vehicle in the US, but don't have a residence here, you can form a company to own the vehicle.

The best US state to own a vehicle

So, if you can create a presence by forming a company in any US state, which US state should you choose?

Montana is the best US state to own a vehicle.
The Great US State of Montana

If you're an international visitor to the US, Montana is the best US state to own a vehicle because:

  • Montana doesn't require a US driver's license to own a vehicle,
  • Montana doesn't require a vehicle to be physically present in Montana (so you can buy your vehicle in any US state), and
  • Montana's sales tax on vehicles is 0%.

Sales tax is due where a vehicle is owned, not where it is bought - so owning a vehicle in Montana can save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. creates your presence in Montana, the best US state to own a vehicle creates a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned 100% by you.

Your Montana LLC is your presence in Montana, allowing you to own a vehicle here.

Forming your Montana LLC is the first step to buying, registering, and insuring a vehicle with

Within one business day of getting started with, you will receive your Montana LLC's Articles of Organization and Certification Letter issued by the Montana Secretary of State.

Articles of Organization for a Montana Limited Liability Company

You will be able to view your LLC's documents in your Dashboard, an easy-to-use portal where you can view all of your documents - LLC documents, license plates, titles, and more.

Viewing your Montana LLC documents on your Dashboard


The US states - not the national government - control vehicle ownership.

In order to own a vehicle in the US, you need to have a presence in a US state.

Some US states make it hard for international visitors to own vehicles. forms a Montana Limited Liability Company for you, which allows you to own a vehicle in the best US state, Montana, which

  • Doesn't require a US driver's license,
  • Doesn't require a vehicle to ever come to Montana, and
  • Has a sales tax rate of 0%.

Next steps

You're on Step 1 of 5: Establish a presence in the best US state.

Read on to learn Step 2 of 5: Buy your vehicle.

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Answers to common questions about Limited Liability Companies.

Have a question that's not listed here?

What happens to my LLC after I sell my vehicle? will terminate your LLC upon your written, signed request at no additional cost.

When you sell your vehicle, simply notify, and we'll send an LLC Termination Request for your electronic signature.

Who will own my LLC? What role does play in my LLC?

You will be the sole owner of your Montana LLC. Your LLC can have one or multiple owners.

Every LLC needs a Registered Agent, a domestic person or company that can receive official correspondence for the company. will be your LLC's Registered Agent.

What are the tax obligations for owning a company in the US?

Generally speaking, there are three types of tax in the United States: buy, own, and earn.

An example of a "buy-type" of tax is the sales tax that you pay on your vehicle. "Buy-type" taxes are managed by the US states (and counties and municipalities), and you pay sales tax on a vehicle in the state where you register it.

An example of an "own-type" of tax is property tax on a piece of real estate that you own. "Own-type" taxes are managed by the states, and several states charge an annual vehicle use tax, which is an "own-type" of tax - Montana does not charge a use tax (but does charge registration renewal fees).

An example of an "earn-type" of tax is income tax on salary, wages, or gains. "Earn-type" taxes are managed by the national government (the IRS) and by the States (and sometimes, counties and municipalities).

Your Montana LLC simply exists to own your vehicle. It won't engage in business, so it won't earn an income.

The only opportunity for your LLC to earn money, and therefore owe taxes, is by selling your vehicle for more than you paid for it.

If this happens to you, can connect you with tax professionals.

I already have a company in the US. Can I use it to register a vehicle that I buy?

If you already own an LLC, C-corp, or S-corp in the US, you may be able to register a vehicle to it.

But vehicle ownership, like company ownership, is managed at the state level, not the national level - so if you want to register a vehicle to your company, you have to register it in the state where your company resides (e.g., Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada, etc.).

In order to register your vehicle to your company, you will also need to physically visit the DMV in the state in which your company resides, and if that state has inspection requirements, you will need to physically bring your vehicle to that state.

What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most basic legal entity in the United States. It can be used for non-commercial activities such as owning an asset (such as a vehicle or real estate), or organizing a social or sports club. It can also be used for commercial purposes, such as operating a business.

What is required to form an LLC?

A name and domestic address is required to form an LLC. In addition, all LLC owners' full names and addresses are required.

Finally, every LLC requires a Registered Agent, a domestic person or company who accepts official correspondence for the LLC. acts as the registered agent for all of its customers' LLC's.

Buy a vehicle in America, even if you're just visiting.

How it works

Five easy steps

1. Create your Montana presence

Your Montana LLC is the presence that allows you to own a vehicle in the US.

Tax-free vehicle registration.

US driver's license not required.

Vehicle never has to come to Montana.

You are here.

2. Buy your vehicle

Buy any vehicle for sale in America.

New or used.

Car, motorhome, motorbike, van - anything you want!

3. Register your vehicle registers your vehicle in Montana.

Temporary registration emailed to you within one business day.

License plates, registration, and title couriered to you en route.

4. Insure your vehicle

Policies available from top-rated insurance companies that don't require a US driver license.

5. Sell, keep, or export your vehicle

It's your vehicle - do whatever you want with it at the end of your visit!

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