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Wide open roads. National parks. Roadside attractions. Whatever your vision of the Great American Road Trip is, I bet it doesn’t include bureaucracy and waiting in line at government offices. That’s why I founded visitor.us.

Matt Copenhaver is the founder and CEO of visitor.us, and he's here to help register your vehicle so that you can properly explore the United States and beyond.

In 2016, after living overseas for years, international friends who visited told me about the difficult choice between renting a vehicle (expensive) and buying (complicated). I did some research and discovered that my state of Montana is blessed with a uniquely optimal set of laws that make vehicle ownership for non-US citizens quick, easy, and cost-effective - no matter in which state the vehicle is purchased, and no matter whether the vehicle actually ever comes to Montana. I launched in 2017 and have helped hundreds of visitors since.

My favorite part of my job is watching my customers turn into friends. Australians Russell and Maeve Clayton recently came through Bozeman and we met up for a beer. And then another. I invited them to my house to refill the water tanks in the RV I had helped them register. Next thing you know they were cooking dinner for my family. We talked deep into the night about their childhood in South Africa, how they emigrated to Australia, and the challenges Russell faced engineering infrastructure in the Middle East. The little toy koala with an Aussie top that they gave me is now clipped to my laptop.

Montana is both comfortably remote and at the heart of many visions of a great American road trip. That’s why it’s fitting that the state’s laws make road trips easy, but don’t require you to actually visit. Of course, I trust you’ll look me up if and when you do.

Keep adventuring,


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