Transferring Funds Internationally to buy a vehicle in the united states

If you plan on buying a car, RV, or any other sort of vehicle in America from abroad, you’ll likely have to transfer funds internationally.

Whether you’re transferring from pounds, Aussie dollars, Kiwi dollars, Euros, or any other foreign currency, ignoring bank fees and exchange rates can be a costly mistake.

Your bank may only charge you $25 to $50 to wire funds internationally, but the exchange rate they use will often differ dramatically from the market rate, costing you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

Our customers have told us again and again that Transferwise is the cheapest way to transfer funds for a vehicle purchase in America.

Transferwise allows you to send money at the rate you’ll find on Google, XE, or Yahoo Finance - but that your bank probably won’t give you.  They spell out all the costs, so you’re not hit with any sneaky fees. And they’re secure, fast, and backed by Sir Richard Branson.

So if you’re planning on buying a car in America, use Transferwise to get the best deal on your international funds transfer.