When you sign up and pay at Plans and Pricing, we form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for you, ready in 3 business days.

We will forward your company’s Articles of Organization, which list you as the sole owner of the LLC. 


You find your dream vehicle and purchase it using your LLC name and address as the buyer.


You will also need to complete a Power of Attorney, authorizing visitor.us to register the vehicle in your LLC’s name.

We’ll send you a Power of Attorney to print and take to a notary or Justice of the Peace, who needs to sign and stamp the document.


Post the Title and the original, notarized Power of Attorney to us.


We head down to the Department of Motor Vehicles and register the vehicle to your LLC.


We receive license plates and registration documents on the day of registration. We post these to you immediately.


Make sure you have car insurance. If you need help, let us know.


With license plates on the vehicle and registration and insurance documents in hand, you’re ready to hit the road!


The Department of Motor Vehicles needs to issue the new title, which takes a few weeks. As soon as we receive your title, we will arrange to send it to you, wherever you are on the road.