Will K.

Will K.
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2014 Harley Davidson Electra Street Glide Limited

The Plan

Will's career brought him to the United States many times, and those visits always left him wanting to see more of the country.

In retirement, he finally had the opportunity to explore America on his own terms. For Will, a longtime motorcycle rider, the choice of vehicle was a simple one: Harley-Davidson all the way.

As an Australian passport holder, Will was eligible for a 90-day ESTA visa waiver, and planned an 11-week visit to the US.

The Problem

Will checked out the top Harley rental company in the US, Eagle Rider, and was shocked by what he learned.

Renting a Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic cost a whopping $199 per day, before insurance!

All told, Will's 11-week visit would have cost him nearly $18,500(!!!).

Will's no dummy - his next thought was, "I can buy one for that price!"

So Will turned to the internet to learn how to buy a motorcycle in the US as a non-resident, but the answer wasn't obvious. He had an old business contact living in New York, but that state's ID requirements make vehicle registration extremely difficult for non-US residents.

Then Will found visitor.us.

The Solution

visitor.us formed a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned 100% by Will.

By way of this LLC, Will then had a presence in Montana, allowing him to register a vehicle there.

Montana is the most advantageous state for non-US residents to register a vehicle for two reasons:

  1. Vehicles registered in Montana never have to physically enter the state, so Will could buy a Harley in whichever state made the most sense for his visit, and
  2. Vehicles are taxed where they're registered, not where they're purchased, so Montana's 0% sales tax rate let him keep more of his funds for his visit.

Will bought a 4-year old Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited from Dream Machines of Texas and authorized visitor.us to register the bike to his LLC.

visitor.us registered Will's bike, couriered his plates to Dream Machines, and put an insurance policy place ahead of his arrival.

All Will had to do was pick up his keys and hit the road.

The Result

Will covered an incredible 12,279 miles (nearly 20,000km) and visited 23 US states during his 11-week visit.

He bought his Harley in March for $15,550 and sold it in June for $12,500.

Will's bike did need a bit of maintenance during the visit - two services, a gear lever replacement, a water pump replacement, and a new rear tire - not bad for the equivalent of riding half way around the planet.

His all-in cost for the 11-week visit, $6,310, came in at about 1/3 the cost of renting.

Ready to find your perfect vehicle?

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