Luke P.

Luke P.
Home Country
United Kingdom
Use Case
Buy and export
1963 Volkswagen Beetle

The Plan

For years, Luke from Cornwall in the UK dreamed of taking a road trip through the United States.

A classic Volkswagen aficionado, Luke landed on the idea of buying a 1960's-era Beetle in the US, taking his road trip, then shipping the car home to add to his stable.

After hitting the tender age of 40, Luke decided it was time to realize his dream.

The Problem

"I organized the road trip elements, the social elements, organized my flights, organized the shipping of my car back to the UK, but the one bit that was eluding me - the one bit that I really couldn't get into - was how to register this car so that I could legally drive it as a non-US citizen."

- Luke P.

The Solution formed a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) for Luke. With this presence in the United States, Luke could legally register a vehicle here.

Luke empowered to register his Beetle to his LLC with a simple Power of Attorney, and was able to complete registration before Luke arrived. also placed an insurance policy that covered Luke, his LLC and his new Beetle.

The Result

Luke's plates were on his Beetle - which he christened Maheeda - and his insurance in place, before he arrived in the States.

He set off from Salida, Colorado, where he bought Maheeda, and spent the next few weeks leisurely making his way down to Houston, Texas.

Luke dropped the car off at Schumacher Cargo Logistics' Houston facility and headed home to the UK. A few weeks later, Maheeda arrived in Cornwall and joined the family.

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