Dave and Jane

Dave and Jane
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United Kingdom
Use Case
Buy and keep
Ford F-250 4x4, Hallmark slide-in, pop-up camper

The Plan

Even before they put in their notices at work, Dave and Jane were plotting the details of their escape.

Driving from Alaska to Argentina would take them about two years, they figured.

They thought deeply about the rig that they would buy: the quality of diesel fuel is notoriously unreliable in Central America, so the engine had to be petrol. The drivetrain had to be 4-wheel-drive, of course, as they had no plans of confining their visit to the blacktop. And while single-piece camper shells are a bit less hassle than their pop-up counterparts, their high profile can create problems in the wind, or in cities with low-slung power lines.

Dave and Jane flew into Denver and spent a week looking at trucks and campers.

The Problem

When they sat down with a salesman, Dave and Jane realized that they had two problems:

  1. They didn't have an address to register the vehicle, and
  2. The dealer wouldn't let them drive the vehicle off the lot without an insurance policy, and the insurance websites rejected every address that they tried.

And then, they found visitor.us.

The Solution

visitor.us formed a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned 100% by Dave and Jane.

By way of this LLC, Dave and Jane then had a presence in Montana, allowing him to register a vehicle there.

Montana is the most advantageous state for non-US residents to register a vehicle for two reasons:

  1. Vehicles registered in Montana never have to physically enter the state, so visitor.us could arrange registration while Dave and Jane were still in Colorado, and
  2. Vehicles are taxed where they're registered, not where they're purchased, so Montana's 0% sales tax rate let Dave and Jane keep more of their funds for their visit.

visitor.us put an insurance policy in place for Dave and Jane, and they were able to complete the purchase of their Ford F-250, which they affectionately christened "Red."

Colorado dealers can issue temporary registrations, valid for 30 days, so Dave and Jane hit the road right away. The dealer mailed Red's title to visitor.us, and we proceeded with registration, then couriered their license plates to them en route, in Haines, Alaska.

The Result

Dave and Jane spent the better parts of 2018, 2019, and the early months of 2020 boondocking their way through North America, Central America, and South America.

Dave and Jane in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Their experience simply would not have been possible without the ability to buy, register, and insure their rig in the United States.

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