Brian M.

Brian M.
Home Country
United Kingdom
Use Case
Buy and keep

The Plan

Brian is a successful technology entrepreneur whose work frequently brings him to the US.

Over the course of his career, he has seen more than his fair share of American conference rooms, hotels, and strip malls.

Brian felt the urge to explore more of the United States - all those wonderful parts of the country between the sprawling suburbs - during his visits to the country.

A long-time car lover, Brian wanted to explore America in something fun, high-performance, and American.

The Problem

Brian found the selection of fun, high-performance vehicles available for rent extremely lacking.

Those that he found were only available in certain markets (New York and LA) - and had to be returned to the same location. This limitation would hardly allow him to see as much of America as he wanted.

Brian next put his head together with his business partner, who is based in Colorado.

Brian's business partner could register a car that Brian purchased in his name, but that arrangement left Brian feeling uncomfortable - in the event of an accident, Brian didn't want his business partner dragged in.

The Solution formed a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned 100% by Brian.

By way of this LLC, Brian then had a presence in Montana, allowing him to register a vehicle there.

Montana is the most advantageous state for non-US residents to register a vehicle for two reasons:

  1. Vehicles registered in Montana never have to physically enter the state, so Brian could buy a vehicle in whichever state made the most sense for his visit, and
  2. Vehicles are taxed where they're registered, not where they're purchased, so Montana's 0% sales tax rate let Brian keep more of his funds for his visit.

Brian found a barely-used Chevrolet Corvette Stingray for sale and bought it in the name of his LLC. registered Brian's Corvette to his LLC and put an insurance policy in place.

The Result

With registration and insurance in place, Brian was able to simply pick up his keys and hit the road.

Brian and his wife Anne started their visit in Seattle, Washington, the heart of the Pacific Northwest, and motored their way down the Pacific Coast Highway before heading inland to Las Vegas, the first of many lovely visits to come.

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