Rocky Mountains and West Coast in a Camper van

Meet Matt from Sydney, Australia. He came over to America and bought a 1993 GM Vandura.


Matt bought his rig, which he named The General, for $AUD 6,548 (US$ 5,000) on Craigslist, the popular American classifieds site. After an incredible road trip that spanned more than 10,000 miles (see below), Matt sold The General for $AUD 4,866 (US$ 3,700).

Matt started in Denver, followed the Rockies north into Canada, crossed over to the West Coast, and then followed the coastline down to San Francisco.


Matt is a massively talented videographer and storyteller - check out this video of his trip.

Check out more of Matt’s work at TIL Pictures.

But Matt couldn’t buy his campervan on his own, so he reached out to for help.