Create a Presence in Montana

Create a presence in Montana

In order to buy and register a vehicle in the United States, you need to establish a presence in one of the US states. US states, not the national government, manage vehicle registration and ownership.

One US state is the best state for international visitors: Montana.

Why Montana?
Montana doesn't require a local driver's license or social security number to register a vehicle.
Nineteen of the US states require an in-state driver's license or a US Social Security Number to register a vehicle. Not Montana.
Vehicles registered in Montana never have to physically enter the state.
Even if your visit starts in California and ends in Florida - and you never pass through Montana - your vehicle can be registered here.
Sales tax on vehicles in Montana is 0%.
Sales tax is due where a vehicle is registered, not where it was purchased. So registering your vehicle in Montana could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes.
In order to register a vehicle in Montana, you need to have a presence here.

Forming a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the easiest and most cost-effective way to establish a presence in Montana, so that you can register a vehicle here.


Forming a Montana LLC is easy, quick, and straight-forward.
Only a few pieces of information are required to form your Montana LLC:
LLC Name
You can call your LLC anything you want, with just a couple of restrictions:
- Your LLC name must be distinguishable from existing Montana LLC's
- Your LLC must contain the phrase "LLC"

If your LLC name request is rejected because it is not distinguishable from existing Montana LLC's, we'll request an alternate name via email.
For almost all cases, the purpose of your LLC will be "Hold an Asset."

Not all LLC's are businesses. Many people use LLC's for non-commercial reasons, such as holding title to a piece of real estate - or a vehicle.

Most customers use their LLC's solely to register and own a vehicle in the US.
LLC Address
When you use to register a vehicle in the US, we form your Montana LLC at our business address.

This allows us to receive mail - such as your vehicle's Montana Title, and any tolls or tickets you might receive during the course of your visit - on your behalf.
Registered Agent
Every LLC must have a Registered Agent, which receives official correspondence and files amendments, annual reports, and termination requests on behalf of the LLC.

When you use to register a vehicle in the US, we act as your LLC's Registered Agent. We file your LLC's Articles of Formation when you sign up, file your LLC's Annual Report if you wish to keep your vehicle for longer than one year, and file your LLC's Articles of Termination when your visit is complete.

Filing your LLC's Articles of Formation and Articles of Termination is included in your Registration Services fee. If you wish to keep your vehicle for longer than one year, filing your LLC's Annual Report is included in your Annual Renewal fee.
Principals: full names and home addresses
The full names and home addresses of all LLC owners are required to form an LLC.

If you have given up your home address, and are traveling full-time, the most recent address where you lived full-time is sufficient.

Sign-Up Process

Signing up to form your Montana LLC is a simple process. The LLC's Purpose, Address, and Registered Agent are always the same, so the following items are required upon signup:
Payment requires full payment of our Registration Services fee to form your Montana LLC.

Payments, which can be made with a credit or debit card, are processed by our secure payment provider, Stripe. does not store your information.
Identity verification requires customers to verify their identity upon checkout.

The process is easy and safe: our secure identity provider, Stripe, collects an image of your driver's license and a selfie. does not store your information.
LLC name
Tell us what you want your LLC to be named. It can be anything you want, as long as the name isn't already taken.

If your desired LLC name is already taken (or indistinguishable from an existing LLC), we'll request an alternate name via email.
Name and address of all LLC owners
Tell us who owns the LLC, with their full names and home addresses. does not own any portion of your LLC - it's all yours. We simply act as its Registered Agent.

(Not all drivers of the vehicle are required to be owners of the LLC. For example, you might pay for the vehicle yourself, but want your travel mate to do some driving. In this case, you can add your travel mate to your insurance policy as a Named Driver without listing him or her as an LLC owner.)

What you receive when forms your Montana LLC

After you sign up, applies to form your Montana LLC with the Montana Secretary of State.

When the Montana Secretary of State approves your Montana LLC, it will issue two documents: your LLC's Articles of Organization and your LLC's Certification Letter.

Articles of Organization

Upon approval, the Montana Secretary of State issues your LLC's Articles of Organization, which list your LLC's key attributes, including:
- LLC Name
- Purpose
- Address
- Registered Agent
- Members (owners)

Certification Letter

Upon approval, the Montana Secretary of State also issues your LLC's Certification Letter.

This document provides your LLC's corporate identification number, and serves as evidence that your LLC is approved and active.

Where to view your LLC's documents

You can view your LLC's documents (as well as other key documents, such as your vehicle's registration) on your Dashboard.

View your LLC's docs in your Dashboard

View your LLC's documents online any time, 24/7.


Forming your Montana LLC is fast and easy. We usually provide your LLC's documents to you within one business day of signup.

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