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Four Easy Steps

Buying a vehicle with is as easy as one, two, three, four!

(And one more if you want to sell, keep, or export your vehicle)

1) Create a presence in Montana

The national government of the United States does not manage vehicles, the US states do.

In order to register a vehicle in any US state, you need a presence in that state.

One US state is the best state for international visitors: Montana. Why Montana?
Montana doesn't require a local driver's license or social security number to register a vehicle.
Nineteen of the US states require an in-state driver's license or a US Social Security Number to register a vehicle. Not Montana.
Vehicles registered in Montana never have to physically enter the state.
Even if your visit starts in California and ends in Florida - and you never pass through Montana - your vehicle can be registered here.
Sales tax on vehicles in Montana is 0%.
Sales tax is due where a vehicle is registered, not where it was purchased. So registering your vehicle in Montana could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes.
There are two ways to create a presence in Montana:
The hard way to create a presence in Montana
Move to Montana.
The easy way to create a presence in Montana
Create a Montana Limited Liability Company. A company formed in Montana is a Montana presence.

Creating, owning, and shutting down a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is low-cost and low-hassle. And will make owning one super easy for you.

2) Buy Your Vehicle

Buy any vehicle for sale in the United States. Car, RV, motorcycle, campervan... whatever your heart desires! New vehicles, used vehicles, vehicles sold by dealers, or vehicles sold by individuals - it's all fair game!

You can buy your own vehicle, or use to broker the purchase for you:
Buying on your own
Maybe you've found your dream car on Facebook and want to buy it directly from the seller.

Or maybe you want to kick the tires on a couple of motorcycles for sale at a dealership, then buy the one that suits you.

Or maybe you want to take over an RV from a friend or family member in the US. can help with registration and insurance for a vehicle that you purchase yourself.
Using to broker your purchase
Sometimes buying a vehicle in another country is hard, and requires a bit of local help. That's where comes in. is a licensed auto broker. We buy and sell vehicles on behalf of international visitors to the US every day. We act as a trusted middleman, buying the vehicle from the seller, and selling it to you at cost, plus our brokerage services fee.' brokerage services are only available for vehicles sold by dealers at this time.

3) Register Your Vehicle registers your vehicle to your Montana LLC and sends your license plates, registration document, and Montana title to you, wherever you are in North America.

Hiring to register your vehicle in Montana has a number of advantages:
Let the registration experts stand in line for you
You're planning an incredible visit to the US - focus on what you want to see and do, not trying to figure out bureaucracy in a foreign country! are the registration experts - we have your back.

Every state in the US requires a human to physically visit the Department of Motor Vehicles for an initial (non-renewal) registration.

We stand in line at the DMV every day - let the registration experts stand in line for you!
Get temporary tags and hit the road right away
Registering a vehicle can take a few days or a few weeks.

But when you use, you'll receive a 40-day Montana Temporary Registration Permit, which will allow you to hit the road while your registration is in process.

Simply print your Permit, attach it to your vehicle's rear license plate holder, and start your visit!

4) Insure Your Vehicle

If you want to drive your vehicle in the US, insurance is legally required (and a good idea!). can help arrange auto insurance for your vehicle, even if you don't have a US driver's license.

Auto insurance for a vehicle owned by a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) is relatively straight-forward. Policies are personal insurance policies (as you're not conducting commerce, such as making deliveries or driving for a ride-sharing platform).

You are listed as the "Named Insured" on your policy, and your LLC is listed as an "Additional Insured Interest," which means that the LLC owns the vehicle, and is furnishing it to you for your personal use.

You're not locked into' insurance scheme. You're free to shop around - we'll even tell you which American insurers don't require a US driver's license.

(Plus 1) Sell, Keep, or Export Your vehicle

All good things must come to an end. So what happens to your vehicle when your visit wraps up?
It's your vehicle, sell it however you want!

To an individual: To get the most value out of your vehicle, list it on Craigslist, Facebook, or with a good old-fashioned for-sale sign.

To a dealership: Don't have time to wait for the right individual buyer to come along? Bring your vehicle to a dealership (or several!) to get an offer in less than an hour.

To a wholesale auction: Want to drop your vehicle and head to the airport like a rental? Drop your vehicle off with our wholesale auction partner, Manheim, who has 100+ locations, located conveniently near major international airports.
Want to keep your vehicle in the US for future visits? You got it!

You can store your vehicle anywhere you want - with a friend, at a self-storage location, or at a full-service facility that keeps your vehicle in road-ready condition. renews your registration annually for an affordable flat fee.
Want to ship your vehicle to your home country? Go for it! can help you ship your vehicle overseas, so you can enjoy it at home.

Can't make it to the US? No problem - we can arrange insured overland transport for your vehicle from the seller to the overseas shipper.

(Export services are available for all used vehicles, but only certain makes of new vehicles.)

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How works

Buying a vehicle with is as easy as one, two, three, four!

(And one more if you want to sell, keep, or export your vehicle)

Buy a vehicle in the US, even if you're just visiting.

Let help you buy, register and insure a vehicle in the US - tax free!
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