How helped Olie take his US Road Trip

Olie and his Corvette.jpeg

When Olie started started planning his 3-month road trip across the US, he ran into a problem: hire cars are boring.


Olie thought: I want to buy a classic muscle car to tour America.

But buying a car created a problem: how to properly register it in America?


The Problem: only residents of the United States can register vehicles.

But Olie only planned to spend a few months in the US, not long enough to become a resident.

The Solution: Companies are residents. created a company, Safehouse LLC, just for Olie.

Olie-Australian-bought-classic-American-muscle-car-chevy-corvette-for-tour-of-America completed registration before Olie arrived in America. So he just picked up his car from the seller and started his tour.


Instead of driving around America in a lame hire car, Olie took an authentic tour of the US in his classic Corvette.


Want to tour America in a classic car like Olie?