How helped Matt take his campervan trip

Matt D and the General.jpg

When Matt started planning his 3-month campervan trip across the United States, he ran into a problem: renting a camper for this long was expensive.


Matt thought, for that price, I can buy a campervan!

But buying a campervan created a problem: how to properly register it in America?


The Problem: only residents of the United States can register vehicles.

But Matt only planned to visit America for 3 months, not long enough to become a resident.

The Solution: Companies are residents. created a company, TIL Pictures, just for Matt.

Australian-Matt-bought-campervan-in-America-through-company-LLC completed registration and Matt set off on his trip.


Rather than rent a campervan for $13,240, will bought his own for $4,700.

After a 10,000 mile trip (16,000km), Will sold his van for $3,500.

After factoring in maintenance and admin costs, Will saved more than $10,000.


Want to explore America in your own campervan like Matt?