How helped Gary and Naomi take their panamerican overland expedition

Gary Naomi with Bubba.jpeg

When Gary and Naomi started planning their 4-month overland trip through the US and Central America, they ran into a problem: you can’t take a hire car outside of the US.


Gary and Naomi thought, If we can’t take a hire car into Central America, let’s buy one!

But buying a car created a problem: how to properly register it in America?


The Problem: only residents of the United States can register vehicles.

But Gary and Naomi only planned to spend a few weeks in the US, not long enough to become a resident.

The Solution: Companies are residents. created a company, Arrowhels LLC, just for Gary and Naomi.

Gary-and-naomi-british-international-foreign-visitors-legally-register-vehicle-in-united-states-for-panamerican-overland-expedition completed registration before Gary and Naomi arrived in America. So, in Naomi’s words,

“On arrival in the US our car was waiting for us with the plates on and off we went.”


Instead of being limited to one country in a hire car, Gary and Naomi took their own vehicle through 8 countries.


Want to take your own cross-border overland expedition like Gary and Naomi?