How helped deb and andy take their RV trip around America

When Deb and Andy started started planning their year-long road trip around the US, they ran into a problem: how to own and insure a vehicle in their own name?

Their family in America was willing to lend them their RV, but everyone wanted a clear ownership and insurance arrangement in case something unexpected happened.


The Problem: only residents of the United States can register vehicles in their names.

But Deb and Andy planned to spend a year on the road, not staying in any state long enough to establish residency.

The Solution: Companies are residents. created a company, Eloquent Elephant LLC, just for Deb and Andy. transferred ownership of the RV from Deb and Andy’s family to their company and arranged insurance before they arrived.


Instead of borrowing their in-laws’ RV and hoping everything would work out in case something unexpected happened, Deb and Andy owned the RV outright for their year-long journey.


Want to explore America in your own RV like Deb and Andy?