How helped dave and jane take their panamerican overland expedition

Dave and Jane.png

When Dave and Jane started planning their two-year road trip through North, Central, and South America, they ran into two problems: renting a vehicle for this long was expensive, and wouldn’t allow them to travel outside of North America.


Dave and Jane thought, the only way we can take our trip properly is to buy a truck and camper in America.

But buying a truck in America created a problem: how to properly register it in America?


The Problem: only residents of the United States can register vehicles.

But Dave and Jane only planned to pass through many US states, none long enough to become a resident.

The Solution: Companies are residents. created a company, Panamericano LLC, just for Dave and Jane.

Customer-british-scottish-retired-couple-buy-pick-up-truck-through-American-company registered Dave and Jane’s Ford F-250 to their company, Panamericano LLC.

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Owning a vehicle in their own name allows Dave and Jane to save a jillion dollars over renting, and take the cross-border Panamerican trip they’ve been dreaming of for years.


Would you like to take an amazing trip through North, Central, and South America like Dave and Jane?