We have a simple way for you to buy a car in America, even if you’re just visiting.


Buying a car in America is easy.  Registering and insuring it is harder.  Especially if you're just visiting.

Only residents can register and insure vehicles in America.


Here's the solution: a company.

Companies are residents of the US, so a company you own can register a car and take out insurance. 

And guess what?  You don't need to be a US citizen (or even a resident) to own a company.


Here's how our service works.

We form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for you.  You own the company, 100%.

Your company buys your car.

We register the car in your company's name.

The details

Here’s how’ service works in practice.


When you sign up and pay at Pricing, we form a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) for you, ready in about 1 business day.

(Why Montana?)

We will forward your company’s Articles of Organization, which list you as the sole owner of the LLC. 


You find your dream vehicle and purchase it using your LLC name and address as the buyer.

You pay the seller directly - we’re happy to hop on the phone with the seller and facilitate, if necessary.


You will sign a Power of Attorney, authorizing to register the vehicle in your LLC’s name.

We’ll send you a Power of Attorney to print and take to a notary or Justice of the Peace, who will witness your signature.

We need the original document, so we’ll ask you to post it to us, on our account.


The Title is the ownership document for vehicles in the United States.

The seller will need to sign and send this document to (we’ll cover postage).


With the Title and POA in hand, we head to the Department of Motor Vehicles and register your vehicle.

We receive license plates and a registration document immediately.

005---AA-Mail-Customer.png overnights the plates and registration document to the seller (or another place of your choosing.)


We arrange insurance that covers you and your LLC.

This insurance is valid in all 50 states and Canada.


With license plates on the vehicle and registration and insurance documents in hand, you’re ready to hit the road!


Two to three weeks after registration, the Department of Motor Vehicles issues a new Title, which lists you and your company as owners of the vehicle.

You don’t need this document to drive, but you will need it to sell or export your vehicle.

As soon as we receive your title, we will post it to you, wherever you are on the road.

We strive to have plates on the vehicle and insurance in place within three business days of receiving the Title and POA.

That’s how works. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask:

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