founder’s story


That's me at the end of a 96-day road trip around Europe.  I covered 12,700km and hit 22 countries.

I realized renting a motorcycle for this long would have been a terrific waste of money.

Instead of renting a bike for $100 a day (nearly $10k for my trip), I bought a bike in England for $12,000 and sold it for $8,000.  That decision cut more than half off my transport costs for the trip. 

And the rental company probably would have been upset if I covered their bike in stickers, as I did with mine.


Hitting all the dead-ends

Buy a bike and sell it.  Easier said than done, if you aren't a resident of the U.K. or the E.U.  (I'm American.)

Figuring out how to register and insure my bike was one of the biggest challenges of the trip.

I refused to accept any solution (like taking out an insurance policy under a friend's name) that would have put me at risk if something went wrong.

So I went down all the rabbit holes, I hit all the dead-ends.

I finally stumbled on a solution.  While I couldn't meet the residency requirements to register and insure a vehicle, a company owned by me could.  

I formed a U.K. limited company, and bought the motorcycle as the company vehicle.  

Registration and insurance problems solved.


Other problems to solve

I still had work to do.  Among the other problems I had to solve were:

  • Buying my bike sight unseen.  What if it was a lemon?

  • Storage until I arrived.  I locked in my perfect bike several months before my trip started.

  • Connecting with my bike.  I flew into London, and the bike was in the English countryside.

  • Selling my bike.  How do I unload the bike when my trip is over?


What if other travelers are having these problems too?

And what if I could help other travelers solve their registration, insurance, and logistical problems?

I started to help non-residents take the trip of a lifetime across America and save a ton of money over renting.

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