One second everyday: the perfect documentary tool for long adventures

If you’re planning an extended trip around America, you’ve probably thought about how you might want to document the adventure.

You can keep a journal, you can blog, you can post photos on facebook, but have you thought about creating a film that captures one second every day?

One second everyday logo.jpeg

Cesar Kuriyama was a burned out advertising executive who, after working too many 100-hour weeks, came to his senses and quit his job.

He decided to take a full year to do whatever he wanted. But how best to remember that experience?

In Cesar’s words,

I was about to embark on a year of complete and total freedom. This would potentially be the only year of my life where I could do anything I wanted — I didn’t want to forget it. Any of it. I was about to turn 30, and when I tried to think back on how my life was at age 20, I found it was already a giant blur. I remembered all the big, general stuff: I was in college. My roommate was Steve. I took Intro to Art History. I could recall memorable events, but I couldn’t remember my day-to-day life. I could no longer recall certain sounds, faces, feelings, and places.

In fact, the farther back I tried to remember, the more difficult it was to remember what younger me was like. It scared me — and I didn’t want to turn 40 and only vaguely remember that magical year off. I needed to start a journal again, but I needed to reimagine how I would do it.

Cesar’s idea to create a 6-minute video of his year off, a montage of one-second clips from each day of his adventure, was cool enough to catch the attention of TED, the collection of inspiring ideas, and he was selected to give a TED Talk:

The success of this talk allowed Cesar to launch a successful kickstarter campaign and then an easy-to-use app for the rest of us. Fast forward to today: 1SE (One Second Everyday) has been downloaded millions of times.

Cesar’s full story of the origin of 1SE is an inspirational read - check it out here.

So if you’re thinking about how to document an adventure across America, think about 1SE.

Matt Copenhaver