Dave and Jane are living the dream

In 2018 Dave and Jane quit their jobs in London and started an ambitious tour: Alaska to Argentina in a truck and slide-in camper.

Dave and Jane.png

They’re keeping awesome tabs on their trip, writing, snapping and filming along the way and sharing it all.

They’re tracking their planned and actual routes, miles driven, climbed, and walked, and documenting trip segments and adventures in a series of videos.

Reading their blog and watching their videos gives you a great window into life on an extended tour through the Americas.

One of my favorite posts describes their thought process after a tire puncture at the US/Mexico border. Every trip has at least one “oh shit” moment - it’s all about how you deal with it. Their solution involved Tecates.

Head over to www.snowymountains.co.uk to check out all their posts.

Matt Copenhaver