Why are there mountains on my license plates?

Customers ask us all the time - why are there mountains on my license plates? And what do the words Trails & Conservation at the bottom mean?

Jane  with her mountain-backgrounded license plate

Jane with her mountain-backgrounded license plate

We tell them: these are no ordinary Montana plates, these support the Gallatin Valley Land Trust.

visitor.us helps international visitors buy a vehicle in America, even if they’re just visiting.

Montana, where visitor.us registers all our customers’ vehicles, makes it easy to support your favorite Montana non-profit by buying a specialty license plate for an extra $20-40.

We don’t charge our customers any extra for the specialty plates - it’s just our way of supporting our local community.

We’re really excited to support the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (whose plates have the mountains in the background).


Bozeman, where visitor.us calls home, was ranked the fastest growing town in America in 2016 and 2017, and shows no signs of slowing down. If you come visit us, you’ll understand why - it features world-class access to the outdoors. But Bozeman’s most attractive feature may sow the seeds of its demise, if development begins to diminish access to the area’s mountains, streams, and open spaces.

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust supports outdoor access in and around Bozeman, and these specialty plates support the organization, as EJ Porth, Communications and Outreach Director explains

At the Gallatin Valley Land Trust, our mission is to protect what makes this place so special. With funds generated from the sale of license plates, we protect our region’s open landscape, agricultural heritage, working farms and ranches, wildlife habitat, and clean rivers  and streams. This funding also helps us continue to grow and connect our community’s trail system so people have safe, quiet spaces to be outside. It is partnerships like this that allow us to keep up with the pace of development and ensure that future generations will get to experience Montana in the same way as we have.

We love helping international visitors explore the US in their own vehicles., and being able to support organizations like the Gallatin Valley Land Trust in the process is an awesome bonus.

If you want to learn more about buying a car in the US, even if you’re just visiting, get in touch!

Matt Copenhaver