Welcome to Our New Home

In 2016, we started exploring an off-beat idea: that some international visitors to the United States might want to buy and sell a vehicle to explore the country instead of renting one.

This idea was based on two premises. First, for trips longer than a month, renting a car (or a campervan or motorcycle or RV) becomes ridiculously expensive. And second, the selection of rental vehicles is pitiful - exploring the US in a rented Kia Sorento doesn’t exactly evoke images of James Dean.

To test the idea, we formed a company and built a website. Since we didn’t know if anyone would show up, we didn’t put too much thought into the name or brand. So in 2017 we launched with the name Adventure Agent, as that name fulfilled a critical requirement: the website was available and could be bought for $0.

Through 2017 and 2018, customers like Will, Matt, and Gary and Naomi began to validate the concept with their incredible journeys.

So in 2019, we decided to put a bit more thought into our brand. Adventure Agent didn’t really describe our customers, or what service we provide for them. Our mission is to create incredible experiences for international visitors to the United States, so in the end, we landed on visitor.us as both our name and our website.

So welcome to our new home!

Would you enjoy buying a vehicle in the US for an unforgettable road trip? Get in touch today!

Matt Copenhaver