Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Services in the United States for International Visitors

So you’re flying into America from halfway around the world to buy up the car you’ve purchased online. How can you be certain that your vehicle will be in good working order when you arrive?

One easy way to make sure your vehicle runs as advertised is to arrange for a pre-purchase inspection. For a fee (usually less than $200) a qualified mechanic will visit the vehicle you’re considering and carry out a inspection for you.

These inspections are comprehensive: steering, suspension, and brakes; computer diagnostics; a road test, and more.

A number companies provide pre-purchase inspection services, but our customers have given the best marks to Lemonsquad.  Customers tell us Lemonsquad is comprehensive, speedy, and easy to work with. They arrange logistics with the seller and provide an easy-to-understand report.

So if you’re thinking about buying a car, motorcycle, or RV in America and want extra peace of mind that your vehicle will be roadworthy, you might want to consider a pre-purchase inspection.  If you go decide to go that route, consider Lemonsquad.