all across america on a harley

Meet Will from Greenmount, Australia. He bought a 2014 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited in Texas and flew over to collect it for a bucket list road trip all across the States.


Will priced out Harley rentals for his 11-week trip and was floored when the total came out to US $18,480 (!!!)

Instead, Will bought his motorcycle for $15,660, and after a 12,000 mile trip (19,000km), sold it for $12,500.

Will started his trip in Dallas, Texas, and spent the next several months criss-crossing the United States, visiting an incredible swath of the country, including the iconic towns of Tombstone, Dodge City, and Sturgis.


But as an Australian, Will struggled to buy a bike on his own. So he turned to for help.